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Kurfürstenstraße Building Group, BERLIN: Finalist for the Dam Prize 2023


We congratulate the architectural firm Meyer-Grohbreugge & Chermayeff and are pleased that we were able to contribute to the success of the project in the area of building physics and acoustics.

The nomination of this building complex with its extravagant appearance is not only a recognition of its architectural excellence, but also a tribute to the performance and commitment of the entire team behind it.

The building geometry is defined by a wide variety of living and gallery levels with transparency and exposed concrete. By integrating innovative solutions, we were able to master the structural-physical challenges and ensure acoustic comfort.

The excitement is mounting because the winning project will be announced on 26 January 2024. We are keeping our fingers firmly crossed for the team of the “Baugruppe Kurfürstenstraße” and the architects June14 Meyer-Grohbreugge & Chermayeff.

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