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Globe Theater: Acoustic finesse in Coburg

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While planning work for the historic house is currently resuming, the Globe Theater in Coburg has opened its doors in October 2023 as a temporary home for the three-discipline theatre.

In addition to the preparation of the thermal concept, the planning focus of MÜLLER-BBM Building Solutions was particularly on the acoustic planning for the theatre hall with orchestra pit and stage. The focus was additionally on the unique wooden construction of the Globe.

The Globe Theater represents not only a piece of Coburg’s cultural wealth, but also its future: It is not merely an interim venue, but is to be used in the future as a multifunctional building hosting cultural and educational events. With its impressive architecture and acoustic refinements, it will undoubtedly be a central venue for cultural encounters and events in the region.

Recognizable from the outside as a classic Globe theater with a cylindrical outer shell, the interior had to take into account the requirements of a three-discipline theatre. In the planning for the theater hall, an octagonal shape was realized as a geometric response to the basic cylindrical shape, integrating both the orchestra pit and the stage. This shape brought advantages, such as the proximity of the audience to the stage, but at the same time also special acoustic challenges: the creation of an ideal sound distribution, despite a rather large width. Zones with high sound components had to be avoided. The acoustics in the theater hall were of utmost importance in order to enable future events of the highest quality and to meet the demands of the Landestheater.

The team from Müller BBM Building Solutions carried out a careful analysis and optimization of the room acoustics. This included developing special sound insulation measures against external noise to protect the rehearsal rooms, dressing rooms and function rooms, which are located on the building’s façade, against rail noise. The theater itself, which is located at the heart of the Globe, was thus ideally shielded acoustically to ensure that performances are undisturbed by external noise.

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