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David Willner1

Primary school & sports hall, Strausberg

Object Type
Sport Halls

City of Strausberg

TRU Architekten Partnerschaft mbB, Berlin


Thermal Insulation & Energy Performance Calculation
Building Acoustics
Construction Dynamics
Room Acoustics

The prefabricated school from the 1980s was converted into a modern cluster school. The new building, which includes traditional classrooms, open learning spaces and an after-school care centre, now forms a new neighbourhood centre. It was constructed as a reinforced concrete building with a timber structure on top, complemented by an individually designed aluminium metal façade. Light-coloured plaster surfaces and warm-toned wood materials create an inviting and friendly atmosphere.
The primary school is oriented towards the square, which is intended to create identity as a new meeting point and communication space for the neighbourhood residents. A single-field sports hall will be built on the outdoor sports facilities of the primary school.

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1 David Willner

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