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33rd Elementary School, Schilfweg 3, Dresden, Germany

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Stadt Dresden, Amt für Schulen v.d. STESAD GmbH

Peter Zirkel, Gesellschaft von Architekten


Building Acoustics
Room Acoustics

The construction project of the 33rd elementary school in the Dresden district of Seidnitz is the first climate-friendly new school building in Dresden. On the site of a former GDR-type school building, a three-story structure in modular timber construction was erected. Müller-BBM Building Solutions was commissioned with the specialized planning services for building and room acoustics. Already in the early planning phases, the necessary structural measures to meet acoustic requirements had to be detailed, while being designed to be as system-open and product-neutral as possible, which poses a particular challenge in modular timber construction. High sound insulation and good audibility were achieved while largely preserving the visibility of the wooden component surfaces.

Following the design and approval planning, including detailed planning and functional tendering on behalf of the client, Müller-BBM Building Solutions also acted as a specialist consultant and planning auditor on the client's side in the subsequent phases provided by the general contractor.

The newly constructed school building consists of two almost mirror-symmetrical structures connected by a central north-south axis. This axis serves as the main access route, allowing smooth passage from the forecourt to the playground. The flexibly designed rooms offer a variety of usage options: specialized classrooms and after-school care rooms along the connecting axis, classrooms in two separate wings, complemented by group rooms and visible self-study areas. This supports a wide range of contemporary teaching and learning methods.

The modular timber construction enabled a shortened construction time and emphasizes the building's sustainability. Special attention was paid to the climate-adapted construction with green facades, a photovoltaic system, and a green roof.

The project was awarded the Saxon Timber Construction Prize 2023.

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