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Thomas Müller Ivan Reimann Architekten1
Thomas Müller Ivan Reimann Architekten2

Extension of the Federal Ministry of the Interior for Building and Community, Berlin, Germany

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Bundesrepublik Deutschland, vertreten durch das Bundesamt für Bauwesen und Raumordnung

Thomas Müller Ivan Reimann, Gesellschaft von Architekten mbH, Berlin


Building Acoustics
Sound Isolation
Room Acoustics

The Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) is receiving an extension on the 36,000 m² federally owned "Moabiter Werder" site. Due to an increase in tasks and the associated increase in staff at the BMI, office space for up to 350 employees will be created on 13 full storeys in this building. A future visitor center will be housed on the first floor. The striking high-rise building completes the ensemble of buildings that have already been realized.

The room acoustics consultations focused on the offices that require particular protection and the visitor center on the first floor. A highly sound-insulating mobile partition wall is planned here so that the divided rooms can be used simultaneously without disruption. Detailed simulations of the sound propagation of traffic noise and its impact on the building were carried out to determine the required sound insulation of the façade to protect against noise from the nearby railroad lines. Furthermore, measurements were carried out in the existing Ministry of the Interior in order to prove that the requirements of the Technical Rules for Workplaces ASR A 3.7 "Noise", which have since been introduced, can be met with the existing furnishings and the identical furnishings planned for the extension, as well as with targeted and therefore cost-optimized additional room acoustics measures. Visually appealing solutions were agreed with the architects for the visitor center, which - based on acoustic calculations - will ensure excellent speech intelligibility in the rooms.

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1 Thomas Müller Ivan Reimann Architekten
2 Thomas Müller Ivan Reimann Architekten