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Insightful Perspectives & Visit to the Kupferhaus


On May 14, 2024, an excursion from Coburg University took place at our headquarters in Planegg. 17 students, accompanied by Prof. Peter Pfrommer (Building Physics, Climate Engineering, Building Simulation), and three guides were led through a diverse program providing theoretical knowledge and practical insights into ongoing projects and technical facilities.

After a brief welcome with coffee and pretzels, Stefan Schierer (Managing Director) and Birgit Kremer (Human Resources) introduced the participants to the world of Müller-BBM Building Solutions, offering valuable career insights.

Three insightful perspectives were then presented by our staff:

During the lunch break in our in-house cafeteria, participants had the opportunity to network further and exchange their impressions.

The afternoon commenced with a highlight: Elmar Schröder (Managing Director) guided the group through our acoustic testing facilities, providing a unique experience for many. The excursion concluded with a visit to the highly acclaimed Kupferhaus in Planegg known for its acoustics, accompanied by Jürgen Reinhold and Stefan Schaudig (Management of Planegg Town Hall).

We extend our gratitude to all participants for the stimulating exchange with students and educators.

1,2 Acoustic test stands, MBBM-BSO
3 Whole Building Simulation, MBBM-BSO
4 Kupferhaus Planegg Outisde, Ulrich Meier
5 Kupferhaus Planegg Hall, Kulturforum Planegg

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