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Tegel Quartier Berlin

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Tegel Quartier GmbH, Berlin
HGHI Holding GmbH - Immobilien und Projektentwicklung, Berlin

Pechtold Gesellschaft von Architekten GmbH, Berlin
Rautenbach Gesellschaft von Architekten mbH, Berlin (Northern part)
Max Dudler, Büro Berlin (FFacade)


Thermal Insulation & Energy Performance Calculation
Building Acoustics
Sound Isolation
Construction Dynamics
Room Acoustics
Acoustic Measurements

Opened in 1972, the Tegel-Center is a shopping center with specialist shops, services and restaurants. The inclusion of the Gorkistraße pedestrian zone, the combination of a covered shopping street and a shopping arcade come together in the Tegel-Center. The existing bridge structure was rebuilt with 2 levels and as a connecting structure over Gorkistraße it links the northern and southern quarters. In the quarter north of Gorkistraße, a new 4-storey building with a rooftop parking area was erected for retail use; the existing 7-storey building was demolished for this purpose.

The aim was to increase the attractiveness of the shopping street and, in particular, to attract a young clientele. The shopping street was considered in its entirety in order to create a distinctive and attractive urban quarter. The mixture of the two concepts, pedestrian zone and shopping center, is intended to appeal to different groups of shoppers. The rental space was brought up to date in terms of size and technical equipment. In the buildings, all visible surfaces in the public areas with customer traffic were redesigned to create a high-quality and modern appearance. The existing mall was also upgraded with a contemporary and elaborate redesign and widening.

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