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ERBA – Neue Spinnerei, Wangen

Object Type
Apartment Buildings

Neue Spinnerei Wangen GmbH & Co. KG

Grath Architekten BDA, Ravensburg


Thermal Insulation & Energy Performance Calculation
Building Acoustics
Room Acoustics

The Neue Spinnerei in Wangen, designed by Philipp Jakob Manz in 1908, is undergoing an impressive renaissance. As the heart of a visionary district, the historic building has been renovated and two storeys have been added with space for restaurants, offices, businesses and apartments. The building is accessed via three staircases, elevators and an inner courtyard with an arcade. The preservation of historical elements such as
columns and window fronts preserves the industrial character of the Neue Spinnerei.

Two storeys were added in timber construction, taking into account the listed building status. The exterior wall was given a structural upgrade with a thin layer of heat-insulating plaster, while steel and glass for canopies and ventilation ducts provide a contemporary contrast.

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