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Teaching and laboratory building of the HTW Dresden

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Research Builidngs & Laboratories

Staatsbetrieb Sächsisches Immobilien- und Baumanagement, Dresden

Rohdecan Architekten GmbH, Dresden


Thermal Insulation & Energy Performance Calculation
Energy Concepts
Building Acoustics
Sound Isolation
Construction Dynamics
Room Acoustics
Acoustic Measurements

The Free State of Saxony has constructed a new teaching and laboratory building with various laboratories and test benches for materials and building materials, seminar rooms, PC pools and offices at the main site of the Dresden University of Applied Sciences.

Müller-BBM Building Solutions provided the specialist planning of the building physics across all phases, including monitoring and measurements as well as special certificates as part of the BNB Gold certification achieved. The energy-saving thermal insulation was dimensioned in such a way that the requirements of EnEV 2016 were undercut by around 50%. Consistent emphasis was placed on a construction with few thermal bridges, also with a view to the BNB standard.

A particular challenge was to ensure a high level of sound insulation in the offices and classrooms against noise and vibration emissions from the test benches and laboratories in the structural network, as well as to create contemporary room acoustics conditions for effective noise level limitation and speech intelligibility. Compatibility with the component activation necessary for thermal comfort required very close coordination between acoustic and thermal insulation planning. In addition, the necessary low-vibration installation of sensitive test equipment had to be balanced with the parallel impact sound insulation requirements of the classrooms and offices. Acoustic measurements carried out shortly before the building was accepted confirm that the requirements were fully met.

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