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Bergson, Frederieke Krippeit1
Bergson, Sebastian Reiter2
Bergson, Sebastian Reiter3

Bergson Kunstkraftwerk, Munich, Germany

Object Type
Concert Halls

Allguth GmbH, Munich

Stenger2 Architekten, Munich


Thermal Insulation & Energy Performance Calculation
Building Acoustics
Room Acoustics
Electronic Room Acoustics

The Bergson Kunstkraftwerk in Munich is a new destination for art and culture in the western part of the city. The former heritage-protected heating plant has been extensively renovated and expanded to create space for a wide range of artistic and social activities.

Acoustic design played a crucial role in the redevelopment. In close collaboration with the architects from Stenger2 Architekten, Müller-BBM Building Solutions ensured that the spaces are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally versatile. Every aspect, from building and room acoustics to the energy efficiency of the building, was considered to provide optimal conditions for visitors and artists.

The centerpiece of the Bergson Kunstkraftwerk is the restaurant Zeitlang, which serves a diverse selection of dishes in an elegant setting. Additionally, the former coal silos will house an art gallery, and further event spaces will be created in the lofty heights under the roof.

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1 Bergson, Frederieke Krippeit
2 Bergson, Sebastian Reiter
3 Bergson, Sebastian Reiter

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