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Trion – Leipziger Platz, Berlin, Germany

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Office Buildings

TRION Investment AG

léonwohlhage Architekten GmbH


Thermal Insulation & Energy Performance Calculation
Building Acoustics
Sound Isolation
Room Acoustics

Elegantly integrated with an unobtrusive spaciousness – the octagonal layout of the urban complex on Leipziger Platz was restored according to this approach. The nine-story office and commercial building forms the end point of Leipziger Platz and at the same time a wing of Potsdamer Platz. The floors above the retail and restaurant areas with their large, seemingly frameless windows allow for a versatile office usage.

The Leipziger Platz 18/19 office and commercial building was developed with high demands on user comfort. All building physics issues were addressed comprehen-sively, particularly with regard to the thermal insulation challenges, since the building extends over a Berlin suburban railway tunnel. Therefore, unusual ventilation shafts were realized as any load transfer via the tunnel structure had to be ruled out.

The consultancy also focused on reviewing the summer thermal insulation by means of dynamic building simulations based on a three-dimensional model. Due to the high traffic noise exposure, high-quality box-type window constructions were developed for the purpose of sound insulation against external noise.

During the construction phase, the basement floors originally intended for retail use as well as their special facade were redesigned for an office usage; moreover, a second level was added inside. The building's extensive technical installations required a detailed analysis of the acoustic requirements in order to ensure a low interior noise level as well as a high level of sound insulation, even given the air flow via corridor walls and the mechanical ventilation.

The project has been awarded "LEED Platinum" sustainability certification.

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